To design an app that would encourage and streamline the recording of dreams and journaling. Studies reveal that documenting free thoughts or dreams first thing in the morning can open the door to untapped creativity, can clear and focus the mind, as well as ease anxiety. Einstein’s E=Mc2, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and several Beatles songs were created in this manner.

Although there are many alarm clock, journaling, and sleep analysis applications, there doesn’t seem to be anything currently on the market that features the unique selling proposition of transitioning seamlessly from alarm clock to journal in one step.

Meadow derives its name from Julian Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. In the book, she talks of uncensored writing first thing in the morning while letting go of the fear of censorship. Opening the mind and allowing it to venture out of the forest and into the “creative meadow” as she puts it.

Meadow proposes to help the sleeper to capture dreams or thoughts immediately after waking using technology that is far less disruptive than pen and paper. Using speech to text capability helps the user to stay calm and articulate more effectively.

created a simple wire-frame using Sketch that suggested the visual aesthetics as well as a basic user flow…

Sketch layout

A vision/prototype was constructed using Adobe AfterEffects to help demonstrate how the experience may move and feel.